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About PAS Capacitor

PAS (Polyacenic Semiconductor ) is conductive polymers synthesized through pyrolytic treatment of phenolic resin. PAS capacitor, which uses PAS for anode and cathode, has high capacity and high reliability.

Polyacene : A kind of organic semiconductor made from phenol resin.

1981 Polyacene was synthesized by Kanebo.

1989 Developed coin type PAS Capacitor

1997 Developed reflowable capacitors

1999 Started mass production.

Features of PAS Capacitor

High capacity & High reliability
PAS can store a lot of ions into its amorphous structure(doping), therefore PAS Capacitor has much larger capacity than conventional electric double capacitor.
PAS is also extremely stable material and PAS Capacitor shows excellent performance of cycle life and durability to overcharge and overdischarge.

High power capability
Newly developed cylindrical PAS capacitor has high capacity characteristics with low internal resistance. It recommends quick back-up needed high current as Ampere.  

Theory of PAS Capacitor

Theory of PAS Capacitor

On contacting two different phases like solid and liquid, there are electrical charge of plus and minus with the distance of molecule level, and each ion is doped into Polyacene electrode.

Construction of Coin type PAS Capacitor

Construction of Coin type PAS Capacitor
  1. Capacitance bigger than conventional type electric double layer capacitors.
  2. Reflowable ⇒No need socket. Good for cost down
  3. Voltage can be set freely below Max. operating voltage. 
  4. Less Deterioration by repeated charge and discharge.
  5. Less Deterioration by excess charge and discharge
  6. No environmental pollution contains and ecologically.

Features of Li-Ion Capacitor

Features of Li-Ion Capacitor

Li-Ion Capacitor is a hybrid capacitor which makes use of reaction of 'Electric Double Layer Capacitor' at its Cathode and reaction of 'Li-Ion rechargeable battery' at it's Anode. This is a Next generation device which has quick discharge and long cycle life time as capacitor characteristics and high energy density as battery characteristics.   

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