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1. About Private information and this website

Customer may use services in the website of TAIYO YUDEN ENERGY DEVICE CO., LTD,("the Company") without submitting Private Information. However, in the following cases to the extent required to comply with customer’s requirement adequately, improve quality of services and provide those services suitable for customer requirement, Company may ask for customer's Private Information.

(i) Order for or information service on products, contents, or other services.
(ii) Respond to questionnaire.

Treatment of private information in the website linked to the Company’s website

The Company doesn't assume responsibility for the treatment of private information in the website linked to the Company’s website. When customer has a question or an opinion with respect to a linked website, please inquire directly to that website.

2. Policy on Protection of Private Information

Company considers that to protect customer’s Private Information is indispensable to Company’s active conduct of business and its social responsibility. Company’s basic policy on handling Private Information within Japan is provided as follows.

1. Basic principle:
 The Company observes the laws applied to customer's Private Information.

(1)  Clear specification of utilization purposes and prohibition of utilization other
   than specified purposes.

The utilization purposes are publicly announced or notified by Company in advance when Private Information is submitted from the customer and the Company restricts utilization purposes of Private Information within said purposes. If customer does not intend to submit its Private Information to Company, the customer may refrain from submitting its Private Information at its discretion. (However, if Private Information is indispensable to the provision of the service, such service might not be provided to customer.)

(2)  Prohibition of provision of customer's Private Information to a third party
Private Information submitted from the customer is not basically disclosed to or provided to a third party except for following cases.
  • Customer has consented to such provision,
  • Company considers that it is appropriate that the affiliated company or distributor etc of Company answer or handle the customer’s inquiry instead of Company,
  • Company entrusts business to contractors whom Company concluded non-disclosure contracts prior to such entrustment,
  • Private Information must be disclosed to the financial institution or to the carrier in order to close the settlement etc,
  • Company is ordered to disclose Private Information by court or governmental agency, or
  • The business is succeeded due to merger, demerger, transfer of operations, or other reasons.
(3)  Strict and proper management of customer's Private Information

Company manages customer's Private Information appropriately and carefully. Moreover, Company manages customer’s Private Information to prevent it from being lost, misused, or modified.

2. Procedure to cope with request of disclosure etc.

Please inquire directly to the person in charge if customer wants to confirm its own Private Information. Company informs the customer of its own Private Information stored by Company only when Company has confirmed customer’s identity in order to prevent customer's Private Information from being disclosed to a third party. If there are mistakes or changes in customer's Private Information, Company modifies or deletes incorrect or old Private Information based on request of customer only when Company has confirmed customer’s identity in order to prevent customer’s Private Information from being disclosed to a third party.

3. Contact

Please contact the following if there are question on or complaint for Private Information handled by Company.
  Personal Information Protection
■ Address: 152-1 Tottori-machi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma 371-0131
■ TEL: +81-27-230-2188
■ FAX: +81-27-230-2189


Established on 1st March 2007

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